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recorded & mixed by MAC POGUE @ Barbara's Place in Dec '16-Jan '17
cover art by CORONA INIGUEZ
cassette coming soon on REFLECTIVE TAPES


released February 4, 2017



all rights reserved


TAUREAN Portland, Oregon


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Track Name: Triple Taurus
when you realize that those you've spent a lifetime hating
are still happy and you're still so alone
walk into old wounds
so willingly
faces of trauma adorning my childhood

back of the class, back of the bar
I'm still the faggot yr looking for
you stabbed me so many times
both in the dark and in broad daylight

all I wanna do is distance myself from anything that cares about me

stay high
stay drunk on ego
could be dead tomorrow and in a year forgotten
it's the secrets the closest won't understand
it's so much easier to stay high
Track Name: Death PT. I
eagle's nest
my chest is full of the shit you talked into it
digesting, I still won't believe the news
it still makes me sick

higher powers not meant to oppress
just lay to rest, your body
I know you know what's best
I'm just coughing up the shit I can't decompress

You're hiding someplace
I just hope it's where you wanna be

And you're already gone
and we've got to carry on the weight and the work
we've all got to pay
I just hope that you're somewhere else
I just hope that you are someplace
Track Name: Social Scene
dress your wounds, dress them well
you've fallen so far
so guilty for what you've got, so shameful for what you want
enforcing the same lines that hurt us all

you're so good at what you do, you'll never get caught

don't be a savior, you're gonna get caught
don't be so trite and taught
you're gonna fucking get caught
Track Name: You'll Never Know
you're only them at 3 AM
you're only a few drinks into a dream
it'll never work
it's all those times alone in a dark room

would you still kiss me?
if you knew?
would you still take me, back home?

golden hours
I'll just keep hiding

be wary of them, beware of yourself
Track Name: Death PT. II
I don't wanna be here now

stare into the darkness
I feel like you're watching over me
crawl out and try to cry myself to sleep
nothing comes out, who's intruding now?

would you be here now?
I don't wanna be here now

I don't wanna be here now

I sit next to my candles with your portraits on them
you both watch over me as I fall asleep
I'm afraid but willing to speak
they've cut your voices
but I'll still whisper that I love you
who's intruding now?
I sit between your two ghosts

rest in power Emily & Paul <3